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What Are the Benefits of Botox in Dentistry?

As you know, doctors use Botox in cosmetic treatment. They use it to get rid of wrinkles and lines. Did you know this substance’s uses go beyond that? We derive Botox from botulinum. This is a strain of bacteria. One toxin in it impedes the release of ACH. This substance helps the activation of gland … Continued

Causes and 3 Easy Fixes for Toothache

Many people accept toothache as a part of life. It doesn’t have to be if you maintain good oral hygiene and take proper care of your teeth. If you have persistent toothache, it might signal a more serious underlying condition. A dentist’s appointment then becomes imperative. Here are 3 easy fixes for toothache while you … Continued

Common Reasons for Bad Breath (And How to Avoid It)

Everyone has that coworker or neighbor who seems to endlessly suffer from a case of bad breath. You may do your best to avoid long conversations with him or her, or maybe you’ve developed a tactic of standing a few feet back while chatting to keep your air space clear. Whatever your method of avoidance, … Continued

The Stages of Tooth Decay

The word “cavity” may feel a bit friendlier and more approachable than the term “tooth decay,” but when your dentist tells you that you have cavities, they’re really saying that your teeth have begun to rot. While this thought is certainly unpalatable, there are thankfully a multitude of ways to both prevent decay and to … Continued

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