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Common Reasons for Bad Breath (And How to Avoid It)

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Everyone has that coworker or neighbor who seems to endlessly suffer from a case of bad breath. You may do your best to avoid long conversations with him or her, or maybe you’ve developed a tactic of standing a few feet back while chatting to keep your air space clear. Whatever your method of avoidance, surely the worry has crept into your own mind at some point that maybe you too are an unknowing sufferer of perpetual bad breath. While asking a trusted friend or relative may provide quick answers, checking in on some of your daily habits may also help you identify whether or not you’re a bad breath offender. To learn a few common reasons for bad breath and how to avoid it, read on!

You Are What You Eat

Certain foods and drinks have a tendency to stay with us after mealtime, causing both a lingering taste and an unpleasant odor. Notoriously stinky foods include onions, garlic, and anything heavily spiced. While one need not deny themselves these foods simply for fear of bad breath, it’s important to remember while indulging that they may have a more lasting impact that simply satisfying cravings. If you do decide to opt for a meal laden with potent ingredients, brush your teeth immediately after eating to help clear out some of the lingering food. Additionally, drinking plenty of water with your meal will help wash away food particles and help keep your saliva production up and your bad breath down.

Brush Better

While you likely are already brushing your teeth twice a day, it’s important to note that both how you brush and how long you brush have large impacts on your overall oral health and your breath. To ensure the best clean, bush for at least two minutes first thing in the morning, and last thing at night after you are completely done eating. Brush in both an up and down and side to side motion, and be sure to hit every side of your teeth to clear away all hiding food and plaque. Flossing will help get the bits of bacteria that brushing can’t reach, so don’t forget to floss once daily as well!

Another Reason to Quit

Smoking and using chewing tobacco have far reaching negative impacts on your health, but did you know these products are one of the more potent causes for bad breath? The smell of smoke and tobacco can linger for hours after you smoke, and over time the smell will never totally go away even with a thorough brushing. To avoid a mouth that smells of stale smoke, it’s best to quit using these products altogether.

While it’s normal to suffer from bad breath from time to time, a sudden and intense foul odor from the mouth may be a signal that something else is severely wrong with your health.

If you’ve noticed a recent increase in your mouth odor, or if you would simply like to talk to your dentist about how you can avoid bad breath in the future, give us a call at Fairview Dental Group in Westmont today!

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