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Jessica Distler
22:18 31 Oct 18
Very friendly, casual and knowledgeable staff! First time there and love it!
Tanya Senones
22:23 25 Sep 18
Minka, Dr. Tom and Joanne are the best. I moved and live about 50 minutes away and still make the trek to see them. They are extremely thorough. They're also very genuine people and a joy to see.
Beth Malinski
01:04 06 Sep 18
This was my first visit to Fairview Dental because my insurance changed. The office staff was incredibly helpful and they couldn't have been nicer.I saw Dr. Choi along with his assistant, "B". They were highly professional and knowledgeable; yet incredibly personable. My husband will be calling tomorrow to schedule an more
Faisal Tirmizi
23:02 22 Aug 18
Very professional handling of my dental issue through use of modern technology. It was personalized care by the Dentist and the Hygientist
George Nemr
21:36 22 Aug 18
Very professional, cooperative and smiley people have a great customer service. I recommend this place to everybody. Dr Choi is amazing doctor and very honest
tracy price
18:00 22 Aug 18
Minka was wonderful! My teeth feel amazing. She took the time to to explain the importance of gum health. Very through! Love her!
Angela Colmone
15:22 09 Aug 18
My 8-year-old just went to Dr. Tom @ Fairview Dental in Westmont to have a chipped tooth filled. Not only does the tooth look like new, but my son went in scared and came out telling me about how much Dr. Tom loves baseball! Highly recommended!
Justin Hayward
23:17 17 Jul 18
Fairview dental is a very friendly and gentle dentist office where everyone treats you extremely well and makes your experience as comfortable as they possibly can while giving you top-of-the-line service. I’m really glad that I found them.
Jill Hancock
15:39 28 Jun 18
Dr.Tom is awesome, been going to him since I was a kid. Has always been honest. Referred a family member to Dr Tom when they had a bad experience at another dentist,saying they needed all this work done. When they saw Dr Tom turned out they didn't need any of that done! Today had a visit with Dr Babot and was very nervous she explained everything well and made me feel more
Harry Janisch
16:15 27 Jun 18
Very professional and caring staff. Dr. Babbitt and Tracey are really the best. Catherine is very carefull and does a very thorough cleaning exam.
Jacob McConnell
19:49 04 May 18
My wife and I have had such a great experience with Dr. Tom and everyone else at Fairview Dental Group. The staff is easy-going and friendly. The office is very welcoming. The Dental game gets a bad rep sometimes but the Fairview Dental Group will surely change anyone’s skeptical more
Bill Golec
23:57 30 Apr 18
Always very professional. Did a great job. Been going hereally for years..
Stacey van vossen
22:50 21 Apr 18
I have been going to Fairview Dental for two years and am very pleased with the care. The staff is wonderful. It has the feel of a small town dentist and a family atmosphere, but they still have specialty care onsite. I love the care and attention I get from the front office, the hygienists, Dr. Babbit and her team and Dr. Tom and Anna. I am so happy with the work they have more
Melissa Cerone
01:38 16 Feb 18
I have made numerous visits to this dental office over the past year now, and I usually have Rema as my hygienist while I'm there. She is an absolutely wonderful person and is great at what she does. Today I had a new hygienist who I have never seen before. I didn't even know what her name was until I asked her myself. She wasn't very warm or friendly at all and seemed to be quite rushed through the process from beginning to end. She isn't the most graceful at what she does and didn't even know that I wasn't supposed to see a doctor today. Let alone the doctor that I have never seen before.I can honestly say that if this were my first time going there I would never go back again, but since both my husband and I know how great the entire staff has been to us since we have been going there, I would happily go back and recommend long as I don't get this hygienist more
David Cannek
16:54 18 Jan 18
I don't really write reviews, but I feel compelled to do so here. This has been the best cleaning I have had in a long time. Reema did a fantastic job. Thorough. My teeth feel great.
Carol Gockman
14:19 18 Jan 18
The best dentist and assistant around. I had a crown. It was painless and most of all, Dr. Tom and Anna are the most warm, friendly as excellent when it comes to the quality of their work. They remove the dread from dentistry!
Caitlyn Jablonowski
19:00 16 Jan 18
I have been seeing Dr. Tom since I was a little girl. Everyone who works in this office takes their time with each patient, does their job thoroughly, and maintains a welcoming atmosphere at all times.
david Stuebner
21:18 15 Nov 17
I am happy to talk about my visit at Fairview Dental Group. I have had only good experiences with Dr. Brzostowski and his staff for the last 10 years. I have had major dental work done, regular check ups and cleaning. One thing I really appreciative of Fairview Dental is the consistence of the staff. I see the same people every time I have an appointment. The professionalism and friendliness of the of the staff is what makes each visit a very good more
Tara Foster
13:39 18 Oct 17
PLEASE CHOOSE THIS OFFICE!! 🙂 Fairview Dental put me at ease in the dentist chair. I have anxiety about going to the dentist because I had a lot of work to be done and had avoided going for a few years. They did NOT make me feel ashamed that it took so long to come in, in fact, they praised me for deciding take care of my oral hygiene! The staff is INCREDIBLY friendly and comforting. I felt as if i had been good friends with these people for years after just the first visit. They were able to calm me down, just by their natural conversation. I didn't feel like they were just trying to tell me "everything''s fine, it won't be bad". I feel like they were honest with me about what work needed to be done and how much it would cost. They were also incredibly understanding as far as taking care of balances at the time of visit. I wasn't able to do the full amount, and they helped me split the payments up monthly (even though I have insurance!) I moved to the Detroit area recently, but I'll tell you, I'll make an appointment in Illinois with this office when I come in to town to visit family. It's not even worth it to me to look for another dentist here in Michigan!! Thank You, Fairview Dental for improving my daily life, keeping me healthy educating me on how to best care for my individual oral health needs!! I actually look forward to my next visit to the dentist...and how many people can say that?!read more
Ingeborg Wegner
03:24 28 Jun 17
I am happy to talk about my visit at Fairview Dental Group. I have had only good experiences with Dr. Brzostowski and his staff for the last 11 years. I have had major dental work done, and I am so pleased he could save my tooth and replace my 40 year old bridge at my last visit. Can't wait to get the permanent one. The temporary one already looks amazing. Thank you for you care and excellent more
Lori McGee
18:50 13 May 17
Amazing consultation! Dr. Babbitt and her assistant Tracy spent well over an hour with me going over every aspect of the procedure I need. They answered every question in depth and in a way I understood. As a person with major dental anxiety, they were compassionate and caring. I was fully informed and reassured that I would be comfortable not only during the procedure, but well ahead of time using their non-IV sedation techniques. It will be a real change going into oral surgery without the fear because of their kind, patient and caring approach. And I have no doubt that I will have excellent results because of Dr. Babbitt's training and more
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