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The Stages of Tooth Decay

The word “cavity” may feel a bit friendlier and more approachable than the term “tooth decay,” but when your dentist tells you that you have cavities, they’re really saying that your teeth have begun to rot. While this thought is certainly unpalatable, there are thankfully a multitude of ways to both prevent decay and to … Continued

Bacteria and Your Tongue: How to Keep Bad Breath at Bay

When we think about oral health, we often think of things related to our teeth and gums: brushing, flossing, avoiding cavities, etc. Most people are diligent about keeping their teeth clean to keep their mouths and their bodies healthy, but have you ever considered the other, often overlooked aspect of your mouth? Many people pay … Continued

Curious about Dental Implants? Get the Facts!

Losing a tooth as a child is an exciting thing that is one of many rites of passage into adulthood. Losing a tooth as an adult, however, is less likely to conjure up imagery of the Tooth Fairy and more likely to cause anxiety and stress over the change to one’s appearance and the possible … Continued

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