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Treating Teething: At-Home Remedy Do’s and Don’ts

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When your baby is uncomfortable or in pain, you want to do whatever it takes to comfort them and make the pain go away. Oftentimes, we can relate to what our baby is going through in some way: you’ve had the flu before, too, or you know what it’s like to bump your head. When it comes to teething, however, we’re completely in the dark. Almost no adult remembers what it feels like to have brand new teeth erupt and we can often find ourselves at a loss as to how to comfort our baby while their first set of teeth start to grow in. Today, we’re looking into three common methods parents use for teething and assessing whether they do more harm than good!

Teething Rings and Cold Cloths

Almost all babies will experience an increased desire to chew on things as their first set of teeth comes in. While it’s okay to indulge this desire, it’s vital to remember that a teething ring or toy should always be too large to accidentally swallow, as well as clean and hygienic. Cooling the cloth or toy down before giving it to your child can have a soothing effect, but be careful not to chill it too much! Objects that are frozen or too cold can be painful and harmful to your child.

Comfort At All Times: Teething Necklaces

Teething necklaces for both parents and infants have risen in popularity lately. Infant necklaces are often made of amber, which is thought to help soothe the mouth as the baby chews on it. There is no scientific evidence to support this claim, however. The necklaces designed for children can also pose a choking hazard as the beads are much smaller than a child’s mouth. While most doctors would advise against this jewelry for children, the alternative for parents can work wonders! Some companies sell necklaces for parents that are fashionable, but made out of infant-safe materials so your baby can happily gnaw on it while you carry them around.

Even Babies Like Massages

One of the most tried and true methods of comforting a teething baby is to gently massage his or her gums with your finger. After washing your hands, you can either use your bare fingers or a finger wrapped in gauze to gently massage the gums of your child, or allow them to gently chew on your fingers. The gentle pressure will help relieve pain and soothe your baby.

Teething can be an exciting, albeit stressful, time in both your and your baby’s life! It is important to note that a baby should first see the dentist within six months of their first tooth erupting, or before their first birthday.

If you have questions about how you can help relieve your child’s teething pain, or if you would like to schedule their first appointment, give us a call at Fairview Dental Group in Westmont today!

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